Mostly politically incorrect essays on politics, art and other stuff v.42.1

[It's official: As of 2017, the inmates have taken over the asylum.]

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This page contains a jumble of essays and free ebooks I've written over the ages, all scattered here and there on the 'net. I've decided to put 'em all in one place. Some are on politics, others on Art-Politics and others about things I just wanted to get off my chest. A few, because they are politically incorrect, may anger you. Click on one that catches your attention, then use the back arrow to return to this list.

I'm including the following quote by Arthur Schopenhauer, in case you disagree with anything I write in one of the following essays.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

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My background

Politics- Don't worry, be happy

Politics- On the Demise and Fall of America. An Adobe PDF file

Politics- My wish for American Leftists. An Adobe PDF file

Politics- About Control Freaks. An Adobe PDF file

Politics- A guide to sociopaths

Politics- Stuff you might not know about politicians

Politics- Why Communists are Communists. A very short Adobe PDF file

Politics- Stuff you should know about history repeating itself and sociopaths AND how to spot a sociopath

Politics- A very brief and very politically incorrect essay on the similarities between Karl Marx and Barrack Obama and others

Politics- Who was Obama's Dr. Watson? An Adobe PDF file.

Politics- An essay on how the word GAY came to mean HOMOSEXUAL.

Politics- A unique view about George Soros.

Art- A Very Short Essay on Photography v 1.7

Art- Remembering Tom Ruddick and the two aspects that make art ART. An Adobe PDF file

Art- An anti-National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) essay by an artist (me)

Art- I've learned to like Jesse Helms

Art- Film isn't an Art Form

Miscellaneous- An anti homosexual essay written because I am VERY angry/Royally Pissed Off, but I do offer a suggestion which can benefit homosexuals, An Adobe PDF file.

Miscellaneous- Photographs, Art and Remembrances by Norman Breslow, A free photo ebook in Adobe PDF format.

Miscellaneous- Is the Speed of Light Relative to the Size of the Observer? An Adobe PDF file

Miscellaneous- Some high points of my childhood

Miscellaneous- A review of Philip Roth's The Great American Novel

Miscellaneous- Eliot's Story by Hugo. (An Autobiography) A free 636 page experimental whatever in Adobe PDF format. Possibly my greatest work of art.

Miscellaneous- How real is reality? Only as real as you're brain can make it. A short essay in pdf format.

Miscellaneous- Kill All The Lawyers? a true horror story. A free 61 page pdf format ebook.

Miscellaneous- A free plain English version of my published research into sadomasochism among consenting adults

Miscellaneous- TRINKET- A free 297 ebook in .pdf format. I donít know if women should read this free book. Part of me thinks most would think of trinket as a traitor, if not the supreme anti-feminist FROM HELL! Another part of me thinks women will relate to her,..

Miscellaneous- A free 82 page pdf format "How To" ebook about Gum Pigment Printing, posted for it's archival importance.

Miscellaneous- A free 23 page pdf format "How To" ebook about Lenticular 3D imaging, posted for it's archival importance.

Miscellaneous- A thought about God.

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